This Breathtaking Footage Of A Great White Shark Thrashing In 3 Feet Of Water Is Mesmerizing


A man managed to catch the unreal moment a great white shark wandered into shallow water right before his eyes. Keep reading for the full story!


A breathtaking video of a great white shark thrashing around in shallow water has been taking the world by storm.

The completely unedited video was initially shared on YouTube by Dale Pearson, and it quickly amassed more than nine million views by people all over the world.

The unbelievable video shows the shark, which Dale determines is not a hammerhead or pilot whale, splashing around in no more than three feet of water.


Unfortunately, the reason for the great white’s presence in the shallow end is not good news, as he appears to be badly wounded.

Video Credit: Dale Pearson via YouTube.com

Judging by the now-viral video, the 14-foot shark was likely injured by the blades of a boat propeller.

According to Simplemost, the video was taken in a remote area of the Gulf of California, often referred to as the Sea of Cortez.

“There is no phone service of any kind [there]. You can not call anyone for help,” Pearson says in the 8-minute video.

Pearson later opened up about the shocking find to The Huffington Post, explaining that he had a bad feeling about the shark right off the bat.

“It would come in to the shallows and lay there motionless, then it would move out again [swimming to] six feet of water, circle back in [to the shallows], come into another spot and lay there motionless,” he said.


Although the shark was clearly hurt, Pearson made sure to take precautions while filming the video, standing in a very shallow area that he knew the shark couldn’t reach before he turned on the camera.

He also stood behind the shark as he inched closer, knowing sharks have a much tougher time swimming backward.

After seeing the video on Pearson’s Facebook page, officials at the Marine Conservation Science Institute shared it on their own page, explaining that “the injuries from the boat propeller would likely not kill the shark.”

“They are exceptionally tough with incredible healing ability,” they added.

According to The Huffington Post, Pearson believes the shark wandered into the shallow end of the water to hunt for stingrays, and marine biologist Mark Domeier—president of the Marine Conservation Science Institute—agrees.

“White sharks are generalists (and scavengers) when it comes to diet,” Domeier wrote on Facebook. “In other words they will eat whatever they want at that moment!”

While Pearson and his friend in the video managed to film the shark for several minutes without being injured, Pearson’s friend did end up getting stung by a stingray near the end of the clip.

“If you’re wondering if there’s great white sharks here in the Sea of Cortez the answer is absolutely,” Pearson told viewers at the end of the video.

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