This Chicken Comes Out Of Its Coop To Reveal Something That Has Everyone Scared For Their Lives.


A breed of fowl called the Brahma chicken made headlines for its rare form and origins. Read on and watch the video!


A video of a chicken spreading all over the Internet had every person chickening out after watching the almost one minute clip, Mashable reports. The video consists of a chicken leaving its coop only to reveal the other two-thirds of its body, filled with white and black plumes.

The video was posted on March 17, but a Twitter user posted it two days later, and it went completely viral.

The chicken is actually a breed of poultry called Brahma chicken. The specific chook is named “Merakli” and is owned by Fitim Sejfijaj from Kosovo, the Daily Mail reports. Brahma chickens are also known as the “Royalty of the Poultry” due to their size and the overall plumpness of their feathers.

Brahma chickens were originally developed in America after similar breed of chicken from Shanghai, China were imported around 1850s. The chickens used to be the primary source of meat until the early 1930s.

A male Brahma chicken can weigh up to eighteen pounds, while a regular chicken you see clucking around can weigh up to eight pounds.

The video, which was originally posted on Facebook page focused on breeding this type of chickens, received 81 million views and had inspired different yet unanimously funny reactions from people.

Mara Wilson, actress and writer, tweeted: “Just watched the big chicken video, and no shit, did we really think we could cut funding to PBS without Big Bird's family coming after us.”

@UrsulaV tweeted: “So hey! That giant chicken video! That is apparently a Brahma chicken. And this is cool because they're--drumroll--an endangered farm breed!”

@QuickTempa tweeted: “When you see it at this size you can really imagine how they're the cousin of dinosaurs. Shit reminds of me of Jurassic park.”

Someone posted a photo of Foghorn Leghorn, a famous Looney Tunes character, getting fanned by smaller chickens and tweeted: “*david attenborough voice* and here we see the big chicken reclining in its natural habitat.”

The Facebook group is called Shpeztaria Dekorative, which, according to Mashable, translates to “decorative poultry.”

The coming out of the Brahmna chicken out of its coop can remind others of the time they came out of their own shells and revealed their true colors to the world that's full of strangers. Brahman chicken has three types: light, dark, and buff, according to Wikipedia. The eggs that these chickens lay as obviously bigger than those laid by the plebeian ones.

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