Woman Makes An Emotional Choice After Realizing She Forgot To Buy Her Daughter A First Communion Dress


Read on to find out what tough choice this mom had to make after realizing she didn’t have time to buy her daughter a dress for her First Communion.


Do you remember your First Communion? Or, if you didn’t have your own, did you attend the first communion of a friend or family member? It’s a big deal in many families, and it is a great tradition for those families to uphold. Typically, when a young girl attends her First Communion, she wears a white dress. 8-year-old Lily Whittaker stayed true to tradition when it came to the color of her dress, but something about her outfit was extra special.

Lily’s mother Quinn Whittaker was a bit overwhelmed. Her daughter’s Communion was swiftly approaching and the woman hadn’t found the time to get her the perfect dress. Being 9 months pregnant, it was tough for the mom to get anything done, but she was really starting to panic when she realized how close the ceremony was.

Just then, she glanced over at the closet and saw her stunning white wedding gown hanging there, and she knew exactly what to do.

“I’ve kept it in her closet and I never got it preserved or anything. Originally, I thought my mom would make a christening gown with it but that didn’t happen because we have a family gown.” Quinn said.

Quinn’s mother Suzanne had made the wedding gown for her, and she was happy to turn the dress into a christening outfit for Lily. The talented seamstress has made other dresses for her grandchildren, including prom and princess dresses.

Suzanne was initially worried that Quinn would be upset about cutting up her wedding gown. “I will say that she did say, ‘Are you sure want to do this? Because once I start we can’t go back.’” Quinn recalled.

After receiving Lily’s requests, Suzanne got to work on creating the perfect christening gown for her granddaughter. Once the finished product was complete, only the top and bottom sections of Lily’s dress are from the original wedding gown.

“My mom held it up and said, ‘This is what left,’” Quin said. “I had a little pang of, ‘Oh this is sad,’ but when I saw the finished product on Lily it made me feel good because it looked beautiful.”

Seeing Lily at her First Communion in the dress was emotional for everyone, and Quinn says that she is extremely “proud” of her daughter, and grateful for her loving mother.

While it is understandable that Quinn got a bit upset about her wedding gown being turned into something else, it is such a beautiful and sentimental memory that she created by letting her daughter have it for such an important event.

“She is our oldest, so watching her go through that sacrament was in and of itself great. But then seeing her in that dress, it was emotional.”

Now, the mom plans to put her gown to good use again! The family will turn a piece of it into a tie for their son, Jack, when his First Communion time comes.

What do you think of Lily’s dress?

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